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Sharings from OSCers

See what our former OSCers say about our camps!

I am grateful to have the opportunity of joining the Oxbridge Summer Camp, an unforgettable, if not the most memorable teaching experience that I have ever experienced.


I gained an authentic teaching experience during 4 weeks of teaching in 3 schools, which greatly enhances my confidence in dealing with different students and sparkles my passion in the field of education. I am also delighted to see that the teachers from Oxford and Cambridge put in great effort in preparing their teaching materials and activities, so that the students can learn and achieve the most from the camp.


One of the greatest things about Oxbridge Summer Camp is that I get to know the teachers from the U.K. and the teammates from different local universities. We went for different social events and cultural exchange outside the camp, such as playing sports, trying different cuisines, and exploring the local side of Hong Kong. Although there were only 5 weeks of time for us to gather and hang out, we have all developed a lifelong friendship and obtained a treasurable experience.


To conclude, Oxbridge Summer Camp certainly overwhelms my summer holiday with excitement and laughter, and brings me one of the best summers ever!

Brian Wong

BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, Hong Kong Shue Yan University



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