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University Preparation Camp

Oxbridge Summer Camps are hosted by the participating schools. The host schools recruit the students that join the Camps. They also provide the classrooms and other venues needed for the running of the programme, as well as the teaching equipment used during the Camps.


​This unique 5-day day camp is taught by top Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) University undergraduates. Students will be exposed to various subjects and gain useful interview skills through authentic Oxbridge interviews.


During the 5 days, students will get a taste of university style lectures, seminars and Oxbridge's unique small group tutorial teaching style.


The public speaking and debate sessions inspire students’ critical thinking skills and boost their confidence in speaking in front of a group of audience.


Students will also be engaged in diversed activities throughout the camp such as MUN and tasks to apply skills and knowledge learnt.


Sample camp timetable:

















* This timetable is for reference only, its content may change to accommodate students' levels.


Lectures and Seminars - Broaden students' horizons


  • A wide spectrum of lecture topics from the tutors’ academic experiences and personal interests

  • Broaden the horizons of the participating students

  • Further students’ understanding of current social issues


Mock Interviews and Tutorials - Sharpen students' interview skills


  • Two of these sessions every day, linking with the preceding lectures and seminars

  • Tutorials: for students to interact with the tutors in very small groups

  • Mock interviews: guide students through authentic Oxbridge style university interviews, drawing on the tutors’ own experiences of their interviews to enter in Oxford and Cambridge Universities

  • Drilling and sharpening students’ interview techniques


Group Discussions - Inspire ideas


The group discussion sessions follow from the lectures and seminar. Students will be guided through group discussions of the issues, as well as to prepare for their mock interviews and tutorials. This session occurs in parallel with the mock interviews and tutorials sessions.


Public Speaking and Debating Workshop - Presentation Skills


The public speaking & debating workshop will further explore debating methodology and techniques, with a focus on the “Oxford style debate”. These sessions will also concentrate on improving the confidence of students for their public speaking events in their university lives and beyond.

The programmes are well-liked by the students. The debates and mock interviews are particularly useful for enhancing students' English proficiency and preparation for tertiary education.


Pui Tak Cannosian College


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