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Sharings from OSCers

See what our former OSCers say about our camps!

Volunteering as a teaching assistant for Oxbridge Summer Camps 2016 was truly a rewarding experience. During this summer, all the UK teachers and Hong Kong TAs endeavoured wholeheartedly to motivate local primary and secondary school students by fostering an authentic language-rich environment for them to learn English through drama and fun activities. In the past few weeks, we witnessed many of our students learn and improve, becoming more and more confident and enthusiastic in learning English. What more could we wish for?


Through the OSC programme, I had a great opportunity to not only practise English language teaching methodologies and classroom management skills, but also work with students from the top two UK universities, Oxford and Cambridge. It was such an inspiring cultural exchange experience and I especially enjoyed our discussions about native English speakers’ and ESL learners’ different perspectives on English language acquisition.


Last but not least, I am forever grateful to have met all my teammates (fellow TAs), who have always been my most caring, supportive and family-like friends. They are all very promising English/education major students from different local universities and I have learnt a lot from every single one of them.

Jason Hung

BA (Hons) in Contemporary English Studies, Lingnan University



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