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Sharings from OSCers

See what our former OSCers say about our camps!

It has been the most incredible and rewarding July I have ever had, thanks to Oxbridge Summer Camp 2016. Meeting and working with a group of top students from Oxford and Cambridge is exciting and challenging. I can hardly imagine how cute and crazy they can be after meeting them! It’s just so surprising and funny to see UK teachers getting so excited ordering a lot of Cha Siu Bao in Chinese restaurant, and of course their enthusiasm and perseverance of exploring every corner of Hong Kong. What a shame that they now know more about our amazing Hong Kong than we, the Hong Kongers do! There are cultural differences between English people and Chinese people undoubtedly, but open-minded communication surely leads to better understanding and appreciations on each other.

OSC is never just a camp of beer and skittles, but it is highly educational and rewarding for students in Hong Kong. Learning should always be fun and interesting. Seeing the UK teachers sharing their authentic cultural experiences and bringing their engaging teaching activities into class is so interesting and lively! I’m so glad to see that students can learn English so well through dramas, debates and games, instead of just sitting in the traditional classroom having boring lessons. Everything here has given me great inspiration and ideas for my future teaching.

The most joyful time in OSC is, when you really get into the camp, meeting the same group of people every early morning is never tiring and boring but full of excitement and laughter. I’m so thankful that I meet a group of wholehearted and caring friends here.

I’m so glad to be one of the OSCers :)

Karen Ho

BEd (Hons) English Language, The Education University of Hong Kong



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